Admission Categories

Ordinary Admission

An ordinary programmed admission to the hospital is classified as a several-day hospitalization and is used in cases of diseases/pathologies that require predictable or non-urgent treatments, and in cases where specific examinations that cannot be performed in private practice are needed.

Admission in Day Hospital Surgery

An organizational model that allows for surgical services (operations) with one-day admission.

The staff physician or unit director shall provide, prior to admission, special instructions which must be followed.

The presence of a travel companion for the trip back home is required.

Upon discharge essential information for home therapy shall be provided: if needed the discharged patient can directly telephone the medical staff.

Day Hospital Service (D.S.A.)

An organizational model for complex and integrated outpatient hospital care. It is a way that allows those patients with complex diseases/pathologies to undergo several examinations without being hospitalized in day surgery or in ordinary programmed admission.

Hospital admission modality

  • Covered by National Health Service (NHS)
  • Private Hospital Insurance
  • Private payment

Hospital admission through private payment can be made upon patient’s requests, for whatever medical and surgical procedures performed in the hospital. Information on how to access services and costs can be obtained from the Admission Secretary.