In reggio the latest generation of high magnetic field resonance imaging and dental cone-beam ct scan for 3d examinations

Villa Verde hospital invests in technology and expertise in order to enhance their services to citizens and professionals.

Finally, also in Reggio Emilia it is possible to perform a 1.5 Tesla MRI using the latest fully digitized equipment. This equipment features innovative technology, tunnels wider and shorter than the previous generation of instruments and is considerably less noisy.

This type of non-invasive instrument can display with extreme precision the nervous system, skeleton, joints and internal organs without the use of radiation. A few days ago the Villa Verde polyclinic hospital – a healthcare provider of the national health system – started using their 1.5 Tesla machine, one of the most modern and technical advanced on the market today to perform comprehensive examinations with significantly better image quality, opening new horizons for clinical applications for organ systems that were difficult to evaluate before.

The Radiology staff of Villa Verde polyclinic hospital has also been equipped with a device that uses a modern three-dimensional Dental Cone-Beam CT Scanner to examine dental arches and paranasal sinuses, which, due to the superior image quality significantly reduces the need for X-rays and is clearly beneficial for patients, especially children, who sometimes have to undergo repetitive radiological examinations..