The surgery for the treatment of headache led by dr. Ferrarini is now credited with anircef and sisc

The surgery of Villa Verde dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and Algie, led by Dr. Giovanni Ferrarini, was credited with ANIRCEF (Italian Association for Neurological headache research) and SISC (Italian Society for the Study of Headache), the two important centers of study of these diseases that strike, according to a study published in April 2006, 51% of the population in Europe, while 14% are people with migraine and 4% of those who complain of chronic headache.

But what is the headache? The “International Classification of Headache”, updated in 2013, has identified 13 main forms of headache (in medical terms is defined as headache), with over one hundred and fifty subcategories.

In general terms, are distinguished two main groups of headache:

• Headaches “primary” are those forms in which the headache is a disorder independent, not tied to other diseases, making it a “disease” itself. The primary headaches depend altered level mechanisms of the various systems that regulate the perception and processing of pain in the brain, which are partly different in different types of headache; can be considered pathologies “benign” because it does not cause permanent neurological deficits, or lead to death – but on the other hand, however, can be so disabling as to compromise seriously the quality of life of the subject within the family, work and social.

With proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment approach, disability induced can ‘be significantly reduced.

• Headaches “secondary” or “symptomatic” are those forms in which the headache is a “symptom” of a well-defined and precise underlying disease, such as hypertension, sinusitis, a head injury, a disease eye, anemia cervical osteoarthritis, mouth diseases, allergies, brain injury, etc.

The most frequent primary headaches are:

• Migraine (without aura, with aura, chronic)

• Tension-type headache (episodic, chronic)

• Cluster headache (episodic, chronic)

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