Varicose veins of the lower limbs: a “Tailored” surgery

The varicose veins affect 20% of the population in the course of life and are an important social and economic disease.

The ability to study more and more accurate (harmless and non-invasive) with modern appliances ecocolordoppler allows correction of hemodynamic disease, with the goal to restore the normal physiology of the venous circulation.

So were developed techniques to manufacture the intervention on each patient as “a tailored suit.”

In other words, each patient has a personalized treatment.

All treatments are made with minimally invasive techniques, so as to give a good result with no surgical scars.

The treatments range from laser or radiofrequency ablation, for example the closure of the saphenous vein (saphenous veins are the main vessels of the superficial circulation), the hemodynamic correction with preservation of saphenous veins, all removal of varicose veins, sclerotherapy with foam).

It is essential that the processing is done by specialists (vascular surgeons), able to master all the techniques and then choose the best treatment for each patient.

The operations are all performed under local anesthesia, combined with sedation.

Epidurals, spinal or general are the absolute exception. Performing in Day Hospital, with discharge in the afternoon and return to work after a few days. The postoperative pain is moderate and controlled with minor analgesics. Complications are very rare and generally resolved without sequelae.

In any case, at the time of the visit the patient receives by the surgeon and the path from preoperative ‘anesthesiologist all information necessary to adequately informed consent.

Dr. Donegà, when you realize the laser treatment?

Laser treatment is considered in international literature the “gold standard”, that is the best on the great saphenous varicose veins; in the Anglo-Saxon world 80% of the treatments done with this method; in Italy, due to higher costs, only 20% is treated with this method.

Is it possible to realize the laser intervention in Villa Verde by the National Health Service?

Certainly, Villa Verde is accredited with the NHS and these interventions are performed with the laser now for 11 years, without the patient having any of the cost.

Is there an age limit to operate varicose veins?

There is not an age limit, because the interventions are under local anesthesia.

Certainly the path preoperative that is done for each patient (blood tests, cardiac evaluation and anesthesia) serves to highlight individual risks that may contraindicate the intervention.

Why is it necessary to treat varicose veins?

Because varicose veins can cause serious complications, such as thrombosis superficial but deep (if affecting the saphenous trunk), then with embolic risk.

Another risk is important because disabling of venous ulcers, fortunately in the best treatment for the reduction of ‘venous insufficiency.

It may be required blood transfusions or blood products?

In 30 years I have not ever had to do transfusions for this type of work, so that I exclude that it may become necessary, especially now with minimally invasive surgery.

What must the patient after ‘intervention?

A few days of rest, using the elastic stocking and lead a normal life substantially