Inaugurated the new area of surgery hospitalization

Villa Verde has opened a new area which will accommodate 21 Surgical Inpatient beds assisted, for a total investment of about 800,000 euro.

The inauguration ceremony, which was attended by several civil authorities, religious and military, was opened by the greeting of Dr. Fabrizio Franzini, President of Villa Verde, followed by the mayor of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia Luca Vecchi, the Prefect Raffaele Ruberto, President Province of Giammaria Mangoes, the Director AUSL Fausto Nicolini and Dr. Messori, Director General of ‘Arcispedale IRCCS Santa Maria Nuova.

The new area of ​​Inpatient Surgery is led by Dr. Domenico Gazzotti who will coordinate the work of 16 employees, including nurses and auxiliary. In respect of regional regulations that impose strict standards of quality and size, the rooms, all with private bathroom, can accommodate two or three persons, assisted beds, each equipped with specific medical devices, able to deal with any surgical solution and respond effectively to the requirements emergency and urgent surgical patients.

A little less than a year after the inauguration of the new department of long-term care and medicine, which involved an investment of 800,000 Euros and more has already seen the hospitalization of 643 patients, the Nursing Home Reggio private, accredited with the National Health Service , continues the program of renewal and restructuring with the adoption of structural solutions, techniques and cutting-edge technology to guarantee the best conditions of comfort for patients, their families and the staff.

Specific attention to alleviate the medical surgical course, even with the provision in the room of a particular system of voice call through which the staff can respond immediately to patients, thereby relieving the sense of discomfort usually experienced during the wait. As well as choosing a particular color solutions and comfortable furnishings designed to make the rooms more cozy and comfortable.

The adoption of solutions for energy and energy efficiency – through the inclusion of independent thermostat for each room, triple room fixtures and air handling units – thermal and acoustic insulation and lighting lamps LED regulated by photoelectric cells complete the construction of the new Area of ​​Inpatient Surgery wanted by the Nursing Home Villa Verde, the first national health facility to be certified with ISO 18000 for safety management system that ensures high standards not only for patients but also for the whole staff.

The cultural and scientific growth of the structure, supported by an efficient and modern organizational model, is also reflected in the numbers: in 2015 were performed 3,439 surgeries, 2,193 of which orthopedic, both type arthroscopic and prosthetic (307), and 1,591 interventions in “day outpatient service”, of which 1,437 for cataract surgery.

With the inauguration of the new area of ​​Inpatient Surgery, the Department of Nursing Home Polispecialistica Villa Verde today adds a new element to the path of renewal undertaken successfully for several years.