Big success for the inauguration of the new department of medicine

“In this period of great economic and social difficulties, the investment totally private of Villa Verde to create a new department of medicine long term care takes on even more value and represents an enrichment not only for the health of Reggio Emilia, but also for the good of all community. ”

Is with these words that today the mayor of Reggio Emilia, Luca Vecchi, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Welfare of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Matteo Sassi, hailed the inauguration of the new Department of Medicine of the long-term care of the Private Hospital Villa Verde which will accommodate 18 people, equipped with technical solutions and cutting-edge technology, including a special system for voice call that allows contact with staff able to respond immediately to the needs of patients, thereby alleviating the sense of discomfort usually experienced during ‘pending.

An investment of about 800 thousand Euros which is part of a program of renovation of the structure began some years, performed in full compliance with strict regional regulations that impose strict standards of quality and size, which provided for the adoption of solutions for energy saving, thermal and acoustic insulation and lighting to LED lamps, along with the installation of the first elevator made fireproof in Reggio for the possible evacuation of bedridden patients.

Great satisfaction from the president of Villa Verde, Fabrizio Franzini, supported by his sons Guido and Alessandra, the Director General Fabrizio Pulcinelli, the Medical Director Sergio Roti and all staff of the structure, which, after the opening ceremony and the blessing of the premises by Monsignor Gianfranco Gazzotti, explained that “the structural improvements of the hospital is accompanied by the high quality of work of more than 150 employees and about one hundred professionals, among which some prestigious names, known for high skills and specializations. Therefore, the results obtained allow us to say today with pride – he concluded Franzini – that our property is rightfully put in that segment of excellence represented by Reggio Emilia at the national level. ”

Villa Verde, in fact, only in 2014 has made more than 5,000 hospitalizations divided in different departments of general and vascular surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, and urology, and there were more than 250,000 outpatient services, including more than 15,000 traditional radiology, 16,000 10,000 MRIs and ultrasounds. An important part is formed also by outpatient cataract which in 2014 were in excess of 1,400.
A number of performances that highlight the high quality of the structure also according to the president of the Province, Giammaria Manghi, who stressed the importance of private health services that “together with those public help to complete the system of fundamental health to provide answers appropriate to the needs of citizens. “Experience also enhanced by the Director General of AUSL Reggio Emilia, Fausto Nicolini, who cited Villa Verde as “positive example of careful use of resources that combines the preservation of capital the ability to bring value to the community.”

“A Community increasingly aging and increasingly in need – explained Anna Maria Ferrari, president of the Medical Association of Reggio Emilia – to which we have a duty to give positive feedback like this” where “the collaboration between public and private – continued Giorgio Mazzi, Health Director Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova is an experience constructive and successful. ”
Accredited by the National Health Service since its foundation in 1957, the Clinic in fact shares a protocol with the Company AUSL, the Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova and peripheral hospitals, which defines how the paths of assistance and care and whereby each year the Department of Medicine long-term care of Villa Verde registers about 800 shelters that, in special cases, also occur directly from home. In fact, in addition to the beds in agreement with the public health italian system, the structure has beds dedicated to admissions fee or through agreements with insurance.

The investments of the clinic did not concern only the structure of the new department, but also the quality and training of employees who, between nurses and auxiliary, is composed of about 40 people led by Dr. Francesco Rocchi, flanked by Dr. Vittorio Tromellini, by Dr. Maria Cristina Ferretti and Dr. Carla Bassi, who now adds to the leadership of the new department Dr. Gherardo Gherardi.
The Department of Medicine and long-term care of Villa Verde, in fact, was among the first to experience the organizational model for intensive care and complex care (High, Low and Medium in which each sector has a doctor and a nurse case manager dedicated) that provides an integrated multidisciplinary approach to the patient, such that every professional (nutritionist, pharmacist, dietitian, anesthesiologist, physical therapist, nurse, etc …) participates in the definition of an overview of the health status of the elderly in order to establish a strategy in able to streamline operations and achieve the best possible result.