➤ Services for diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma
➤ Service of paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus
➤ Eyelid Surgery
➤ Cataract Surgery
➤ Glaucoma Surgery
➤ Endoscopy and surgery of lachrymal canal
➤ Non-invasive Pneumotrabeculectomy (PNT)
➤ Yaglaser
➤ Corneal pachymetry
➤ Corneal Topography
➤ Fluorangiografia retinica
➤ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
➤ Echo biometrics
➤ Manual and computerized field of vision
➤ Hess’s test (Diplopia)
➤ Orthoptic examinations

Medical reports pick-up

Immediately, 7 days for the Fluorangiography


Lightblue Route
Outpatient clinics

Waiting times

Booking can be done through the NHS AVERAGE WAITING TIMES:
  • Covered by the NHS: 15 days
  • Private Healthcare Insurance, private payment: 1/3 days i